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Line up

Gino Rdz (PeppeR,Royal Club)
Dj Lukas( Mamitas Lounge,Ula Gula Playa del Carmen ,Arg)
Gil Montiel (Nouva Miami)
Bioniq (Bioniqmusic ,Dialtone Recs , Raccoon Recs Barcelona Spain Mty Mexico

Dj Lukas
Nombre: Lucas Calcagno
Nació: 2 de octubre de 1976

Comencé con la música en argentina con la edad de 20 años, haciendo fiestas privadas con amigos y tocando en algunos eventos privados.
En diciembre del 2001 me vengo a vivir a playa del carmen, donde empiezo con la música electrónica tocando de residente en el bar Ula Gula.
Luego como residente de una playa llamada Chuzumbul beach, compartiendo las tornas con mi hermano, cerrado ese lugar se presento un proyecto de mamitas beach club, junto con el chino moro y mi hermano estevan calcagno (por el cual yo me inicie en la música electrónica, el dj de NY que vino a vivir a playa por 2 anos en estos momentos vive en Argentina) para crea mamita's lounge y en 2003 se crea mamitas lounge donde empecé a trabajar como dj residente que sigo siendo actualmente luego de 4 anos y medio, lugar en que toque junto a figuras como ; Thunderball, Dj T, M.A.N.D.Y, Nickodemus, Mightykat, Dj Garth, Shine, Javier Fucks, Alejandro Merodio, Damian (Imeca), entre lo mas importante fue el warm up para Jymmiº Van M y warm up Paul Van Dyk.
Toque en lugares como Santanera, Om, Salón Riviera, Mezzanine (tulum), Ultra Lounge(Cancún), G-Spot (Cancún), Hotel habita (México DF), Casa Lam (México DF), L'orangeri( México DF, Pink (México DF), Gipsy bar (Boston EEUU), Mantra (Boston EEUU), Havana, Pacifica, Atlantica, Riviera Cousine y MO (todos de MTY) y otros diferentes lugares de México.
Eventos para de Absolut, gotlan, Fashion TV channel evento en playa del carmen (dj residente 3 anos seguidos.), península fashion, red bull y para los MTV LATINOS 2005.
Con 5 anos de experiencia en la música electrónica en su estilo happy house y tribal house.
Organizador del famoso DJ FEST de mamita’s que en el 2007 contó con la presencia de 4500 personas.
“Lo único importante es que la gente salga del antro o la fiesta donde toco diciendo que buena noche me pase como baile y me divertí!
Estar detrás de las tornamesas es un placer y ver bailar a la gente una adicción”

Dj Lukas

Residencias Actuales:

-Mamitas Beach Club todos los sábado y domingos
-La Santaneca: Primer viernes de cada mes
-Riviera Cousine (Monterrey): Seguido viernes de cada mes

Gil Montiel (Nouva) Dj / Producer

July 3 1986

Love for music began at an early age, originally from Monterrey, Mexico. Gil started playing drums when he was 8 years old in a local music school. A few years later he begin playing for an electronic rock band, where he developed his drums skills. Soon after, he felt like he needed to start his own way of musical expression. Searching for the right sound he started getting involved into the electronic music scene.

He began producing music with Reason and Cubase. As he was moving on he decided that if he was going to pursue this, he needed to develop his productions skills. That’s when he decided to enroll at SAE Institute – Barcelona, where he lived and studied for almost a year. Studying abroad allowed Gil to experience different styles of music that can be heard in his productions. After that he started making his own unique sets and started playing clubs, festivals, and private parties sharing the stage with many big artists from all around the globe. He currently resides in Miami producing with Logic as well as studying at Berklee working on his master certificate (Recording Engineer).

So far 2009 has been a great year, he has signed multiple tracks with several labels. First, he remixed Bioniq’s “Cycle” (Raccoon Records). A Month later he released his first original track for a Winter Music Conference Label Sampler (Gotham City Records) where the track has been featured on several dj charts. Most recently he was signed to Lazaro Casanova’s “Pet Food” Label and the well known “Dialtone Records”, releasing four tracks on beatport.com. Currently, Gil is working on his act using Ableton while simultaneously playing live percussions and synths… so until then, keep in touch, follow the groove, the best is still to come…

Set @ http://www.sendspace.com/file/6m9egg

Vid`s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LVtTeOZzDg




This project began in 2007 in a city surrounded by mountains, Monterrey, Mexico; when Luis Siller and Alex Galvan decided to fuse minds and shape sounds of nature into an electronic sound, hence they gave themselves the name of bioniq (They explain the word as being formed from ""biology" + "electronics"). Bionics (also known as biomimetics, biognosis, biomimicry, or bionical creativity engineering) is the application of biological methods and systems found in nature to the study and design of engineering systems and modern technology. They believe that great inspiration is the mix of nature and industrial sounds that surround and provide the essence of the world, therefore, they consider Nature their muse, so they spend lots of their time listening and embracing that mix of sounds of nature and industry.

This duo was formerly known as Bad Apples (2004) whose music used to mix the subtle alto sounds of jazz with funky electronic beats, making their music the perfect combination of warm charm and expressive notes. As time went by they evolved in to their own style (some have call it a Experimental Jams meet Electronic House). Their music is best known for its colorful bass-lines, friendly melodies, and bouncy/percussive innovative beats. These two minds are considered to be amongst the most talented musicians and DJ/Producers in the electronic music scene. Together, with their minimalistic grooves, have accomplished to catch everyone s attention, creating even stronger beats with the dance floor s funky vibrations.

This duo had been releasing tracks w/ Dialtone Recs, Raccoon Records from Mexico & Fanfare from Bulgary.

This two fused minds love nature, love sound and the most important thing..... ¨bioniq¨ loves that elegant minimal charm of techno.

Residencia Actual: A:M Social Club


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